Bill Maher And Undecided Voter Ken Bone Attempt To Pinpoint Why There Is Still Hate For Hillary Clinton

With Hillary Clinton’s book hitting shelves soon and Election 2016 still replaying itself in the nation’s mind, it is only natural that viral undecided voter Ken Bone returns from the shadows. And to his credit, Ken Bone seems to be questioning the electoral process too and the media’s focus on people like himself. None of that does anything to stop Bill Maher from prodding Bone about who he voted for and what he’s thinking now, even when Bone bluntly tells him, “I won’t say because you shouldn’t care what I think.”

We probably still find out more about Bone than we ever needed to know, including his view on why people seem to hate Hillary Clinton so much. Maher seems puzzled by the idea, especially with the rise of Donald Trump and the risks presented through his presidency. As he tells Bone, future historians will look back and be “puzzled” by how people viewed the former candidate:

“I could see not liking her terribly much because she’s not a great politician, but if you really hate Hillary Clinton, you were molested by a real estate lady. I just don’t get it. She’s a bland centrist. This is not Che Guevara in a pantsuit.”

But as he does throughout most of the interview, Bone delivers an effective counterpoint to Maher’s statement and talks about why he at least didn’t blindly trust the Democratic nominee:

“Even someone who has moderate or centrist opinions relative to the Democratic Party like Hillary Clinton is going to be a polarizing figure and people just want to jump on her. And Donald Trump was the master at getting people to look at her instead of look at him.”

Maher seemed to pepper little prods throughout to try and figure out where Bone cast his vote, but could only get glimmers. When asked if Trump’s bluster worked on him, Bone told Maher that he likes to “dig a little deeper” on issues, probably adding to his undecided status before his viral appearance at the debate.

(Via Real Time)