Winter Storm Grayson Has Left Massive Power Outages In The Southeast While Beginning To Batter New England

Getty Image

The extreme cold wave across the U.S. has killed at least 16 people this week, and there’s potential for further tragedy if the so-called “bomb cyclone” meets meteorologist expectations. New England residents have largely been keeping a stiff upper lip while noting that weather labeling arrives with a fair amount of drama. However, the system now known as Winter Storm Grayson has wreaked havoc in the Southeast already even without the hurricane-force winds (up to 60 mph) that are expected to strike New England.

Wind projections for the Northeast are indeed dire, but the South is already somewhat crippled. CNN reports that Charleston, South Carolina saw around 5 inches of the white stuff ahead of the storm’s migration north, and power outages are dominating the Southeast. On Thursday morning, at least 40,000 homes in Virginia and North Carolina were without electricity. That number arrives in addition to 8,000 unlucky Floridians who largely freaked out over snow in Tallahassee on Wednesday. These outages will undoubtedly increase as the storm turns its attentions to the north.

Likewise, travel will be a big issue along the entire East Coast. Delta led the trend by canceling thousands of flights on Wednesday. ABC News reports that, as of now, about 3,000 flights have been nixed (including 90% of flights out of NYC’s LaGuardia Airport and all American Airlines flights out of Boston), and road travel is expected to be just as hairy.

And on cue, 50 mph winds have already arrived in Cape May, New Jersey (mere blocks from the shore) as this social media video shows. We will, of course, keep you updated on this storm.

(Via CNN, Island Packet & ABC News)