Breitbart Fired A Writer Over Her Incendiary Tweet About Muslims After The London Attacks

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After initial reports of the London attacks began rolling in Saturday, very little was known about the attack that eventually left (so far) seven dead, and dozens injured and hospitalized. That didn’t stop one writer from offering an ahistorical take on the incident that pilloried Muslims. Well, she just lost her job.

Former Breitbart writer Katie McHugh tweeted Saturday, “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there. #LondonBridge”

The Ratio reared its head as McHugh was in return pilloried for her tweet where many, many people invited her to research the Irish Republican Army and other entities that have attacked the United Kingdom in the past. Others simply thought McHugh’s comment was out of line, including at least three people who work at Breitbart.

“I find it appalling,” one Breitbart employee told CNN.

“It’s a terrible comment,” another Breitbart employee told CNN, saying it was wrong to make a blanket statement about an entire religious group. “I would never write what she said.”

A third Breitbart employee described the comments as “dumb.”

Sources confirmed to CNN this morning that McHugh had been fired over the matter.

McHugh has remained active on Twitter. After initially confirming the news, she’s since called for others to “donate so I can pay my medical bills and get employed again. And keep telling the truth.” She’s also calling Seth Rogen a “cuck” and retweeting supporters like Mike Cernovich who said McHugh was fired “to appease fake news media.” As everyone knows, attacking a former employer is the fastest way to secure new employment.

There’s no word yet about Ryan Saavedra, the Breitbart writer who tweeted that Europe needed to re-launch The Crusades in response to McHugh’s tweet.

(via CNN)