Carter Page’s Comedy Central Debut With Jordan Klepper Was About As Odd As Expected

If it sounds crazy that Carter Page — one of the central figures in the ongoing Russia scandal and former Trump administration adviser — would sit down for a chat on Comedy Central’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, you shouldn’t seek out a doctor just yet. It is reality and the full interview landed on Thursday, delivering something that was stranger than any interview Page has given the news media over the past year. Not only is Page glued to the cue cards off the screen, reciting them like some sort of reject from the Flesh Fair in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

Finding out that Carter Page is either in on the joke, or wants folks to think he is, could be the worst news of the entire Russia scandal. His head-scratching appearances on cable news and his insistence that he’s not doing anything wrong despite the evidence indicating otherwise has been a highlight over the past year. If we get him acting like he’s hip to the joke or ridiculousness of the entire thing, it could be worse than when Scaramucci ended up on Colbert and acted like his best friend.

Much like in the preview, Jordan Klepper seems very surprised to have Carter Page sitting opposite him on his own satirical political show. You could see Page stopping by for a serious Daily Show interview, but there’s just something about him sitting down with The Opposition. It’s a true Carter Page move.

(Via Comedy Central)