Carter Page Celebrates The Firing Of James Comey, Who He Accuses Of Helping Obama And Clinton ‘Bully’ Him

Carter Page, the former foreign policy advisor to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, is really angry about numerous claims regarding his alleged Russian connections. One of several ex-Trump campaign associates required by the Senate to turn over any and all communications and records having to do with Russia, Page recently wrote an angry letter denouncing the “bitter” investigation. And if that weren’t enough to signify his rage, he issued a two-page statement hailing Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey while insisting the ousted official had been helping others “bully” him.

In the statement, published by NBC News, Carter describes Comey’s firing as “encouraging” since it demonstrates Trump’s resolve to take “further steps toward restoring justice in America.” He then weirdly insists he and Trump had never met before, but notes the president’s “strength and judgment in holding senior officials accountable for wrongdoing stands in stark contrast to last year when ordinary private citizens outside of Washington like myself were targeted for exercising Constitutional rights.”

He continues:

“Under James Comey’s leadership in 2016, I was allegedly the subject of an intensive domestic political intelligence operation instigated by the FBI and based on completely false allegations in a FISA warrant application. While I have been severely bullied by the Clinton/Obama regime myself, it is unfortunate that Comey did not have the courage to stand up for what’s right when he was also pressured and perhaps unwittingly misguided by them on these matters.”

Page is totally not mad. You can read all two pages of his statement below.

(Via NBC News)