The Most Vocal Celebrity Endorsements For The 2016 Presidential Candidates

The relationship between Hollywood and politics is an important one, so much so that a celebrity endorsement can boost a presidential candidate’s poll numbers. So, which celebrities are endorsing which candidates in 2016?

This Uproxx video tells us that Hillary Clinton is probably getting the most love from Hollywood. The Democratic frontrunner has gotten endorsements from the likes of Morgan Freeman, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham and Snoop Dogg. Freeman even narrated a recent Clinton campaign ad (he also narrates my GPS navigation, and it’s awesome), lending his gravitas to words like, “[Clinton] stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements, just like she’s always done with us.”

But there are tons of celebrities who are feeling the Bern. For instance, there’s Danny Glover, Spike Lee, Emily Ratajkowski, Seth MacFarlane, and Dick Van Dyke.

So, not a bad roster at all for the Democratic candidates. Clinton can also count on Al Franken and Will Ferrell, while Killer Mike has stumped extensively for Sanders.

There’s a more colorful cast of celebrities endorsing the Republican candidates. Not only does Donald Trump get Sarah Palin in his corner, he can also brag about Wayne Newton, and one of the Duck Dynasty sons. Duck Dynasty dad endorses Ted Cruz, as does Ted Nugent, while Marco Rubio gets a guy from Pawn Stars.

Unfortunately, Ben Carson initially got Kid Rock’s endorsement, but Kid Rock didn’t even remember his name. At any rate, he now likes Donald Trump.

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