Cher Denounces Donald Trump’s Promises To The LGBT Community: ‘My People Will Not Believe Him’

On Tuesday, Cher phoned into MSNBC to speak with Lawrence O’Donnell on Last Word. The legendary singer supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency, but that’s not what she wished to discuss with O’Donnell. Nope, Cher wanted to talk about her opposition to the Republican nominee, and this isn’t the first time she’s expressed displeasure with Donald Trump.

In June, Cher took the stage at a Los Angeles fundraiser and told the audience, “When I watch Trump, I just want to blow my brains out.” She then conceded, “Or maybe not my brains.” Without video evidence at the ready, there’s no clear indication of exactly which body part Cher was referring to, but nothing good can come of that statement.

While speaking with O’Donnell in the above audio, Cher laid into Trump once again. She referred to Trump’s speeches that featured him giving shoutouts to the “LGBTQ” community — and she points out the childish awkwardness when he speaks those letters — while speaking at the Republican convention in reference to the Orlando nightclub shooting. Trump declared, “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.” Cher isn’t buying these claims for a minute. She insisted, “He’s the most disingenuous man I’ve ever seen.” The gay icon then added, “I want to tell you: my people will not believe him for a minute.”

Cher isn’t impressed by Trump’s statements, and she has a solid reason to not believe him because — after all that talk — Trump recently attended an anti-LGBT rally in Florida on the two-month anniversary of the massacre at Pulse nightclub. Cher wonders, “How does he go from that meeting to telling my people that he will protect them?” She also believes that both Trump and Mike Pence would roll back LGBT rights rather than honor them.

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