Chris Christie’s Beachgate Reinforces His All-Time Low Approval Rating As He Preps For A Sports Radio Gig

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After years of steadily declining approval ratings, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have finally hit rock bottom. In June, Christie’s approval rating hit 15%, making him the least popular governor in New Jersey history and solidifying his position as the least-popular governor in the country. Surely, closing public beaches on a holiday weekend and then using one of the closed beaches himself would surely sink the governor even lower, right?

Alas, that’s not the case as a new poll from Monmouth University shows Christie’s approval rate steady at 15%. While his overall rating hasn’t changed, 55% of New Jersey residents say that the state is worse off because of Christie’s time in the Governor’s Mansion.

“This is New Jerseyans telling it like it is, but the governor has said that he basically doesn’t care what they think. This just confirms what most of his constituents have suspected for the past three years,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. “It really is difficult to drive approval ratings into the single digits barring something like a criminal conviction. However, you have to admire Christie’s seeming tenacity for trying to get his numbers down to that level.”

Proving that Christie really doesn’t care about public opinion, he will fill in for sports radio host Mike Francesa on Monday and Tuesday in an audition for the WFAN radio network. Sports media definitely needed another loudmouth (that nobody likes) to be given a large platform, and if you can get a Dallas Cowboys fan hosting a show in Giants and Jets country, you’ve got to take that opportunity. Good luck to everyone involved.