Fox News’ Chris Wallace Warns Republicans Not To ‘Disregard’ Christine Blasey Ford’s Kavanaugh Testimony

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave emotional testimony on Capitol Hill before the Senate Judiciary Committee, to which she accused President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, of sexually assaulting her during a party when the two were in high school. With so much riding on Kavanaugh’s confirmation when it comes to the rights of women, Democrats are reasonably arguing that these very serious allegations should disqualify him from a seat on the highest federal judiciary court in the United States. And it would appear that even some conservatives agree.

While covering the hearing, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace seemed to unequivocally take the side of Ford, warning that Republicans shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss her testimony.

“I think it’s important that we distinguish between what’s legitimate and serious and what clearly seems less so,” Wallace said, adding that like a lot of American families, his family had spent the week debating the allegations.

And then he dropped the following bomb:

Two of my daughters have told me stories that I had never heard before about things that happened to them in high school. And hadn’t told their parents, I don’t know if they’d told their friends, certainly hadn’t had never reported it to police.”

They weren’t as serious as the allegations against Kavanaugh, but the point is that there are teenage girls who don’t tell stories to a lot of people and then it comes up. And I don’t think we can disregard that. I don’t think we can disregard Christine Blasey Ford and the seriousness of this. I think that would be a big mistake.

Wallace went on to describe Ford’s testimony as “extremely emotional, extremely raw, and extremely credible,” noting that it was obvious from her testimony what a serious effect the assault has had on her life.

“So far we’ve heard from six people, Rachel Mitchell three times from three senators, three Democratic senators speaking for themselves,” he said, of the female counsel hired by Republicans to grill Ford as to not appear insensitive. “This is a disaster for the Republicans.”

Pretty heavy stuff, given the source. And something many Americans could stand to hear, when we have mothers out here literally telling their daughters it’s acceptable to get groped by men.

(Via Daily Beast)