The White House Calls Clinton’s Email Scandal A ‘Criminal Investigation’ And Walks It Back


If the 2016 Presidential Election already has you ripping your hair out in despair, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The whole thing is playing out like one big, long episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm only we are all collectively Larry David left standing, dumbfounded, at the end of each episode while the music hits. If you haven’t been following what’s been going on with Hillary Clinton, there is currently an ongoing investigation into her use of a private server to house her emails while Secretary of State. To make matters potentially worse, a bunch of them are seemingly missing. People are upset.

So while this has served as seasoning on an election season that saw the rise and fall of “Democratic Socialism” and questions about demagogues in Trump, it’s still something that could have serious implications. Classified stuff went down under her watch and everyone seems to have an opinion about her use of this private server, which has led to an ongoing investigation. But is it a criminal investigation? If so, that means the Democratic Presidential candidate is being investigated for a crime. Mediaite has the whole, strange story of this past week where White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest seemingly called her investigation a criminal investigation, which made the right wing media explode.

That was enough for the GOP to release an actual press release, fists pumped in the air over such an admission. If this were true, the Republicans would have quite a bit of fodder against Hillary going into election season. But wait, there’s more. The next time that Josh Earnest took the stage, the topic was brought up again, where he did his best to side-step the issue, toss in a few jabs towards the GOP, and claim that he simply doesn’t have all of the details.

His deflections were that he has no knowledge of the scope of the investigation, that any questions as to if it was a criminal investigation would have to be pointed towards the Department of Justice. So if you are now confused as to what’s going on with the Clinton email story, join the club. I’m starting to really, wholeheartedly believe the theory that Washington is more Veep than it is House of Cards. Cue the music.

(Via Mediaite)