Another ‘Lurking Clown’ Has Been Arrested In Kentucky, Forcing Police To Address Possible Copycats

The recent string of clown sightings that have plagued the Carolinas have now apparently moved over to Kentucky, either indicating clowns are taking over or a lot of people are being inspired by what they’re reading on social media. Police in Kentucky have arrested a man for dressing like a clown and “lurking” behind an apartment complex, much like the other incidents reported in North and South Carolina. 20-year-old Jonathan Martin was charged with wearing a mask in public and disorderly conduct. The mugshots and arrest photos show Martin in his full costume and it ties into stern warnings being released by police according to BBC News:

He was found at about 0100 EST (0600 GMT) on Friday in “full clown costume” and mask crouching among trees by an apartment complex, according to police.

Recent reports of clowns trying to lure children into woods have sparked alarm.

Police have warned individuals against dressing up in clown costumes, adding it could lead to criminal charges.

This arrest follows several sightings around Kentucky earlier in the week, supporting the idea that most of these clown sightings are copy cats. The police in Barbourville, Kentucky sought to curb this possibility by issuing a warning through their Facebook page against people dressing as clowns and hanging around roadways or other public areas.

BBC adds that these sightings have also led to many false reports, including several where people were arrested.

If there was indeed a real clown sighting that kicked off this latest string, the situation has been compounded by this growing viral situation. People are willing to risk arrest or worse in order to get a photo on Facebook.

(Via BBC / WKYT)

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