CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Describes Roger Ailes As A ‘Scary Person To Work For’

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On Thursday, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota said former Fox News boss Roger Ailes was “scary to work for.” During an interview with Pete Dominick of SiriusXM, Camerota seemed to back up claims Ailes was an intimidating force, but did not say she was a victim of his reported harassment.

Camerota had been a stalwart at Fox News for 16 years before she made her transition to CNN in 2014. The CNN New Day host admitted Ailes was “a charming and charismatic person at times to work for” but noted he could be a terrifying boss: “He could be loud, and there was a whole culture that flowed down from how he ruled with an iron-fist.”

Since being ousted in July 2016 for sexual harassment allegations, a number of Fox News personalities have come forward describing the intimidating work environment Ailes helped create at the network. Ailes, who was ousted by the cable news network, has repeatedly denied the claims. Camerota did not say she experienced any harassment but reiterated Ailes was a scary guy:

“I think that it was very hard to work for Roger Ailes … I had a hard time working for Roger Ailes on a bunch of different levels. I think that we were all scared — um, I can speak for myself — he was a scary person to work for … it wasn’t easy.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

(Via The Daily Beast & Sirius XM)