‘The Late Show’ Mocks Donald Trump’s Bizarre Hairspray Rant To West Virginian Miners

Stephen Colbert spent Monday evening taking aim at Donald Trump for his bizarre West Virginia speech at a rally full of coal miners. Of course, Trump isn’t really campaigning right now, and he doesn’t yet realize that Ted Cruz dropping out will present difficulties. Nope, Trump is simply cruising and even told Charleston rally attendees not to vote for him. Rather, they should save that vote for the general election. What followed was a stand-up comedy routine, which saw him mime the gestures of an orchestra conductor and someone who’s driving a car (totally fair because he does neither). The real estate mogul also put his acting skills to use by pretending to shovel coal. Colbert delightfully mimicked Trump’s miming attempts, but it was the hairspray rant that really lit up the Trump rally. First, this happened.

Getty Image

Trump bemoaned how mining hats destroy perfect hairdos, which wouldn’t be an issue with better hairspray. He doesn’t believe that any aerosols could possibly damage the ozone if used in a closed apartment. Colbert then implies that Trump may have been sniffing hairspray to believe what he’s saying because ozone-depleting hairspray containing CFCs was banned in 1978. So, Trump — who does his own hair — just let the world know he’s been raging over hairspray for nearly four decades. And this revelation came out to an audience who digs coal and works harder than Trump ever has, but they laughed along anyway. Colbert then trucked out his own miner to further lampoon the matter to great effect.

If you missed Trump’s gloriously strange speech about hardhats, hairspray, and the ozone layer, you are in luck. This one shall be remembered.