Cory Booker Deftly Skates Past A Question On Whether He’s A 2020 Presidential Contender

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) stopped by The View on Monday, where he preached a message of unity in our currently heavily divided country. Coming off the previous segment, Booker made the argument that we’re all in the same boat, here. “To try to think we’re going to demonize each other so bad, we need each other,” he said. “There an old African saying that says if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. If this country is going to go far, we need to find ways to create common ground and stand together.”

To that point, Meghan McCain once again brought up remarks recently made by Hillary Clinton, which seem to only reinforce the rift in our country. Booker was quick to remind McCain that the election has passed, and that the important thing is seeing each other for who we are.

“Patriotism is love of country, love of country demands that we love each other, we don’t always have to agree or like each other,” Booker continued. “So while Donald Trump seems to be intent on separating, dividing, demeaning, degrading, I want Republicans and Democrats to start a new national narrative about how we need each other.”

When McCain interrupted to note that that’s how Hillary makes her feel, Booker again pointed out that she lost the presidential election, and that his focus is on the future.

“Let’s get to the point here,” cut in Joy Behar, speaking of the future. “Are you a contender in 2020, for president?”

“I am a contender for the 2018 midterms where I am gonna be fighting for every Democratic candidate. This is the most important midterm election of our lifetime, and my focus and energy are for folks who are looking beyond that,” he answered, over goading and laughter from the panel. “Don’t look beyond! November, November, November!”

Behar then turned to the audience, and was met with overwhelming applause when she asked who would like to see Booker run. Your move, Cory.