‘Culture Quick Bites’ Breaks Down Why K-Pop, Selena Gomez, And Marvel Are Having A Moment

Get a pen and some paper and get ready to take notes because the latest episode of Culture Quick Bites is here to break down the biggest happenings in the world of entertainment and guys … Things. Have. Happened!

Host AJ Lodge is joined this episode by a special guest, Loan Hoang, to recap all of the topics you care about. That means they’re going all-in on the K-Pop takeover, fanning out over Blackpink’s virtual concert and that huge fundraising win for BTS. They’re also deep-diving into the latest Call of Duty updates — of which there are many — and hyping up the next season of Selena Gomez’s HBO Max cooking show. (Well, Loan’s hype, AJ’s going to stick to takeout. It’s the safest thing for everyone honestly.)

The hosts celebrate some good news from Marvel and Ryan Coogler who are working together to bring fans a Wakanda-set Disney+ series. After the success of shows like WandaVision, we can only expect greatness from this superpowered team-up. And to wrap things up, AJ and Loan do a bit of stanning over Stacey Abrams, the social justice icon who just nabbed her first Nobel Peace Prize nomination. We still can’t decide what she’s better at — saving our democracy or writing kick-a** romance novels.

Check out the video above for all the pop culture news you need.