Here Are All Best Dad Jokes So Far During The Vice Presidential Debate

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The first (and only) VP debate on Tuesday night was filled with a lot of political sparring. Mike Pence and Tim Kaine talked over each other and disagreed for the most part, with Elaine Quijano trying to control the madness to the best of her ability. Amidst it all, Twitter did what it does best and churned out jokes to help people cope with the boredom that can occur when two fairly white bread guys talk about taxes for more than about 8 seconds.

Ever since Kaine and Pence were chosen as a VP pick by their respective candidates, both have been compared to two quintessential types of dads. Kaine is the jollier fellow who will sometimes be disappointed in you, but never mad, while Pence is the sterner stepdad figure who probably was a drill sergeant and will only let you have ice cream once the entire summer.

Following, the best dad jokes that you might have missed if you were paying attention to what the Vice Presidential candidates thought about immigration. The debate itself might have been up and down in quality but the Twitter jokes were definitely on point. Who better to kick us off than Twitter queen Leslie Jones herself?

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