A Deceased Muslim US Soldier’s Father Whips Out The Constitution On Trump

Khizr Khan, the father of fallen Army Captain Humayun S. M. Khan, took the stage at the Democratic Convention to land one of the harshest blows against Donald Trump that we’ve heard this week. Khan emotionally recounts his son’s story and placed it against the many promises made by the Trump campaign this election. He not only asks Trump what he has sacrificed in life, but he also whips out his own copy of the constitution when he questions if Trump has ever read the document.

Despite all the attacks on Trump throughout the week, this one speaks directly to one of his major campaign promises. Khan seems to battle back his own personal emotions to really strike at the proposed temporary Muslim ban that might actually not be a band — something even Trump has started to back away from — and show that it would affect more than just the faceless boogeymen that seem to be the driving force behind the idea.

Night four has been a bit of a somber evening considering the celebratory nature of it all. But this was definitely a highlight, only helped that it happened shortly after Kareem also knocked Trump, but with a much funnier twist.

(Via PBS)