The DNC Email Hacks Were More Widespread Than Originally Believed


More bad news has arrived for the Democratic National Committee, for the FBI believes the DNC email leaks were much bigger than originally thought. Officials believed the hack primarily targeted emails on just DNC matters, but more evidence has surfaced hackers may have gained access to a number of members’ personal accounts. This update comes after the FBI may have taken its time to toss out an alert.

The New York Times is reporting the hackers specifically went after Hillary Clinton campaign officials, party operatives, and several party organizations. Hackers already got their hands on party emails, along with an analytics program used to help with campaigning. The Democratic Governors’ Association is believed to be a victim of the hack, and DNC members are bracing themselves for a slew of new emails to surface. As of now, the FBI has no evidence Clinton’s private email servers have been accessed, but said that a successful hacker would leave no trace that they were there.

It is widely believed that Russia was responsible, with Donald Trump even encouraging them to take things further. Russia has denied any involvement, and federal officials are looking into the situation. The newest threat of more emails being stolen comes at a time when the Democratic party is safely laying low. Trump has dominated the headlines as of late with a new sound bite every day, and Democratic officials are probably kicking their feet up and watching it all unfold. But a new email release could drastically affect the party, as it did the first time.

(Via The New York Times)

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