A Trump Associate Reportedly Exchanged Followup Emails With A Russian Who Attended Don Jr.’s Meeting

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After that infamous meeting at Trump Tower, the man who is now the White House director of social media traded emails with British publicist Rob Goldstone, who was at the supposed discussion on Clinton gossip and Russian adoptions. Oddly, one of the things they discussed was getting Donald Trump set up with an account on a Russian social media site. And that’s not the only peculiar topic to come out of a series of emails that Don Jr. denied the existence of after the meeting (and the first round of emails concerning it) came to light this summer.

In addition to talking with Dan Scavino about getting Trump set up on the Russian social network VK, Goldstone also forwarded emails about the DNC email hack to Emin Agalarov, a Russian pop star and the eighth attendee of the Trump Tower Meeting, as well as Ike Kaveladze, a Russian lawyer who also attended. In that forward, Goldstone mentioned how “eerily weird” the story was in the context of a meeting that promised dirt on Hillary Clinton but failed to deliver.

After Don Jr. revealed his emails with Goldstone in an effort to prove nothing was amiss at the Trump Tower tete a tete, Kaveladze got an email from his son asking why Trump Jr. was admitting “collusion.” Of course, as anyone who has ever tried to pull off irony and sarcasm in print knows, it can be hard to read the nuance of tone from text alone, so it’s not entirely clear if this was a dark joke or something more.

All of this goes directly against multiple statements Don Jr. has made on the subject. He and his father have insisted that there was no followup meeting, nor any conversation afterwards, and that the whole matter ended when the Trump camp found there was no dirt to be had on then-rival Hillary Clinton. It might be true that Don Jr. didn’t have any further contact with the men who gathered that day, but other member’s of the Trump team did, as shown by Goldstone’s correspondence with Scavino. That’s going to be something Goldstone has to answer for when he is questioned by the House and Senate intelligence panels in the near future. As with almost everything else involving Don Jr., the questions just keep on multiplying.

(Via CNN)