‘Time’ Magazine Gave Don Jr. His Own Cover, And Everyone’s Cracking The Same Ruthless Jokes

A few short weeks after President Trump was exposed for posting fake Time covers at his golf courses, the magazine has bestowed the “honor” upon his eldest son, Don. Jr. Yet this is not a happy occasion, for the cover’s caption reads “Red Handed,” an unmistakable reference to the ongoing collusion-with-Russia investigation. As a crowning touch, the magazine also tossed a strategic “I love it” — which looks an awful lot like a mini-Hitler ‘stache as far as placement goes — to echo Don Jr.’s own enthusiasm when he believed a Kremlin-linked lawyer would provide dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, Don Jr.’s own emails prompted widespread shock because it seemed unbelievable that he’d reveal his own intention to collude. An increasing number of Congresspeople also called for him to testify in the Russia probe, and while chaos reportedly swirled in the White House, Kellyanne Conway meme’d herself in an effort to distract.

Time, however, won’t soon let anyone forget and doesn’t appear to fear future smearing efforts of journalists who cover this story. People noticed both the brazen style of this cover and the apparent Hitler reference.

Naturally, people are also commenting upon how Don Jr.’s cover can soon decorate walls of Trump golf courses worldwide.

Some folks have noted how incensed President Trump has grown when Time showered members of his administration with attention.