Stephen Colbert Presses Michael Wolff To Reveal Anything Redeeming About The Trump White House

Excerpts of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White Hosue have set off the president and everyone in his sphere in the type of fashion expected of an embarrassed emperor with no clothes. The tell-all covering nearly the first year of Donald Trump in the White House has led to black eyes for some and incendiary callouts for others (Steve Bannon), while Trump himself has called the book “fake.”

Now, amidst Trump trying to shut down the release of the instant best-seller, Wolff is making stops along his press tour with Stephen Colbert the latest to dig into the juicy, and possibly not entirely factual, book. Wolff explains that one of the main issues with the confusing and often leaky White House was the islands on which every member of the staff sat. They all had press secretaries, with Trump technically having two, and it led to general sloppiness.

Then, in a moment of fairness that may shock Trump and his supporters, Colbert asks if Wolff saw anything positive in the day to day operations on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “Anything there that gave you hope? ‘Oh, they do this well…'”

Wolff takes a moment, grumbles which elicits a laugh, then pauses again. Colbert reminds him that people need to sleep after this, but Wolff responds with a quiet, “nothing.”

At least we know Trump is like, really smart.