Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton A ‘Bigot’ And She Doesn’t Hesitate To Return Fire

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump held a rally in Jackson, Mississippi. This location — in a city with a predominantly black population (close to 80%) — was likely strategically chosen for Trump’s minority outreach initiative. The very fact that Trump is trying to appeal to black voters begs for a retrospective treatment, but Trump is not phased by his past. And since he’s trying to reframe many of his stances lately, he probably thinks everyone will believe what he’s selling.

At this rally, Trump attacked Hillary Clinton like he’s never done before. He’s already attempted to convince people that her policies hurt minorities, but here, he flat-out shouted, “Hillary Clinton is a bigot!” And observing the background reactions proves to be a fruitful endeavor. On the right side of the screen, a blonde woman beams proudly and isn’t phased at all by this declaration. Over on the left, however, the Trump supporter’s reaction is priceless. She’s mortified, and that’s saying something when one considers that she’s probably heard most of the stuff her candidate has said before now.

Shortly after this bizarre outburst, Clinton spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who informed her of Trump’s antics. In response, the Democratic nominee did not hold back. She brought up Trump’s feud with a “Mexican” judge, his 1970s refusal to rent apartments to black people, and his proposed mass deportations. Clinton then concludes that Trump is “taking a hate movement mainstream,” and man, she has no patience for him. Watch the video below.

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