A GOP Strategist Nicknames Donald Trump ‘Cheeto Jesus’ During An Epic Tweetstorm

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Donald Trump’s enjoying a wild ride lately in the polls, which may actually be evidence that something could affect his chances of success in November. The presumptive Republican nominee usually keeps on rising no matter what comes out of his mouth, but his anti-Hispanic rhetoric may have worked true damage. The establishment feels absolutely mortified by Trump’s behavior and refusal to modify his tone to unite the party. And his most recent eyebrow-raising speeches cannot be erased by teleprompted efforts, which are actually counterproductive. Voters who actually flock to his off-the-cuff, rip-roaring rhetoric will walk away disappointed, and a scripted Trump fools no one else. Perhaps this is why he’s enduring abysmally low poll numbers, and mainstream news sources like CNN are penning entire columns to advise the Republican party how to ditch Trump.

Trump detractors like Rick Wilson, who is a Republican strategist, are also letting loose with critiques. Wilson unleashed a massive tweet storm that rips on Trump for many things, including how he congratulated himself during breaking news of the Orlando shooting. He nicknames Trump as “Cheeto Jesus.” This is hilarious, but — most of all — Wilson’s ripping the GOP for accepting him as their doomed lord and savior. Buckle up.

Mocking Donald Trump’s overly tanned visage is an easy joke, as we’ve noted before, but in this context, it really does work well.