Donald Trump Is Being Roasted For Eating KFC With A Knife And Fork Aboard His Private Jet

Donald Trump once again tried to prove how he’s just like his supporters by settling down to a meal of KFC on Monday night, which he naturally posted to Twitter. Only, because it’s Donald Trump, he dined aboard his private jet and daintily set about eating his southern-fried goodness with only the finest silverware. Who the heck eats fried chicken with a knife and fork? Of all the things Donald Trump has done and said over the course of the past week, from already claiming that the election is going to be rigged to his remarks to the Khan family, this might actually be his biggest crime to date.

Of course, this would not be the first time Trump has used food to pander to his supporters. The self-proclaimed “blue-collar billionaire” has previously shown himself chowing down on McDonald’s and enjoying the Mexican delicacy known as the “taco bowl” to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

As in those former instances, once again the internet quickly swooped in to ridicule Trump. Here are some of the best tweets taking the candidate to task, pointing out everything from the fact that he eats fried chicken with a knife and fork to his poor taste in fried chicken, and more.