Donald Trump Fears The General Election Might Be ‘Rigged’

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In the latest edition of “Donald Trump Says The Most Outlandish Things,” the Republican presidential nominee is voicing his fears that the upcoming general election will be rigged — against him of course.

In his first public appearance since his controversial comments criticizing Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Kahn, Trump spoke to a crowd in Columbus, Ohio where he predicted that if a majority of the votes in this year’s election didn’t swing his way, it’s because of an elaborate conspiracy to keep an “outsider” out of the Oval Office.

NBC News reported The Donald complained about the nation’s voting system before telling supporters he was “afraid” that come November, the election would be “rigged” against him. This isn’t a new tactic for Trump. Every time a black mark appears on his political campaign – like that disastrous, underwhelming Republican National Convention he organized – the businessman is all-to-happy to pin the blame on someone else.

Trump continued that pattern at his rally on Monday, going on a Twitter-worthy rant about the incompetence of the Columbus Fire Department’s fire marshal, who would only allow 1,000 occupants into the venue after safety concerns over recent construction blocking access to certain fire exits. Trump claimed the fire department turned away “thousands of people” implying politics was the motivation not, you know, the safety of said people were a fire to suddenly break out. Which at a Trump rally is a genuine concern.

Trump made no move to address questions about his attack on the Kahn family — though he did make clear that yes, he knows where Ukraine is and yes, he’s aware that Russia annexed Crimea two years ago. Apparently, if he was president, that would’ve never happened.

“I gave a very good answer over the weekend to one of the shows on Russia going into the Ukraine. I said very simply, they’re not gonna do it on my watch, essentially,” Trump told reporters before adding, “wouldn’t it be great if we actually got along with Russia?”

So … which is it? Are we going to strong-arm Russia into not invading other countries or are we going to be friends with them? It’s kind of hard to do both.

The election might not be rigged against him, but if he keeps mixing up his foreign policy knowledge Hillary’s post-convention bump might become a permanent change in the polls. 

(Via NBC News)