Donald Trump Will Soon Take The Stand In A Financial Fraud Case Against Him

Donald Trump Campaigns In Western Iowa Day Before State's Caucus
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Donald Trump might not only be competing in the last primaries of the election season this spring. He might also be testifying in a financial fraud case that accuses Trump of scamming people who enrolled in something called Trump University. The accusers claim Trump University convinced them to pay tens of thousands of dollars and max out their credit cards with the false promise of success in the real estate market.

According to Yahoo!, five years after the civil lawsuit against him was filed, both sides in this case will have their last pretrial conference in May. This means that Trump could be testifying during the end of the primaries. And once it starts, the trial might not end soon after. Both sides may call a little over 70 witnesses, and Trump has almost 1,000 pieces of evidence that he wants to introduce. He also hired a lawyer involved in winning the civil case against O.J. Simpson. Like the presidency, he’s in it to win it.

Yahoo! quoted an analyst as saying that presidential candidates usually resolve issues like these before running. Not Trump, and perhaps because he doesn’t have to. He can threaten to punch protesters, and he’ll still win the Nevada caucus.

(via Yahoo)