Donald Trump Hugs An American Flag While Supporters Chant ‘Build The Wall’

Donald Trump is a divisive figure. That statement alone is nowhere near controversial because the reality of Donald Trump is that he comes out, guns a-blazing and will either strike you as tacky, racist and xenophobic or as a heroic figure standing up to the man. So the image of Donald Trump being moved to embrace the stars-n-bars will either strike you as disingenuous or patriotic, without there being much in between outside of apathy. Of course, how could anyone be apathetic these days?

According to TalkingPointsMemo, The Donald asked for supporters at a rally in Tampa, Florida on Saturday to shout out suggestions for a running mate, which prompted shouts for Newt Gingrich (who recently spoke out against Trump), Jeff Sessions and even Condoleeza Rice, who got the warmest reaction from the crowd. Trump simply explained that he had a “lot of great choices” before broaching the topic of protesters and how they’ll vote for him in the end anyway, making his campaign seem more like an invasion from the Borg Collective from Star Trek than a campaign running for the highest office in the free world. You must assimilate.

From there it degraded into a familiar scene of the crowd rallying behind Trump chanting “Build the Wall,” which prompted Trump to turn and give an American flag a big hug. Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Trump has embraced the flag. Oh no.

Like I said prior, you’ll either find this to be ridiculous showmanship; an empty gesture to go along with empty words, or see it as the work of a patriot sticking it to the man. With the entire Republican party seeming rather upset at him he sure has a growing list of people to stick it to, doesn’t he? Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Trump. Oh wait, he can’t do that, either.

(Via TalkingPointsMemo)