Donald Trump Jr. Gets Defensive After He Seemingly Confirmed The Comey Memo’s Truthfulness In A Tweet

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According to memos James Comey kept, Donald Trump asked him to drop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn. As more and more leaks happen and calls for impeachment get louder and louder, the President’s defenders are doing everything they can to shift the conversation in another direction.

On Twitter though, Donald Trump Jr. is taking time away from campaigning for Montana Republican Greg Gianforte to (apparently) both confirm the veracity of the Comey memo and say that he in no way confirmed the veracity of the Comey memo.

Donald Jr. quoted a tweet by Geraldo Rivera who said that Trump asking Comey to “cut Michael Flynn some slack” because of Trump’s personal feelings toward Flynn was “not close to #Obstruction.” Donald Jr. added “Truth” to Rivera’s message.

In response to a tweet that looks an awful lot like Donald Jr. confirming that his father asked Comey to cut Flynn some slack, NPR politics editor Domenico Montanaro asked the Trump Organization EVP of development and acquisitions, “Are you confirming that Donald Trump did, in fact, ask to cut Flynn some slack?”

Trump responded to this tweet as well, saying he was merely “agreeing with someone’s interpretation of a theory.”

So, to clarify, Donald Trump Jr. and Geraldo Rivera agree on the theory of “Donald Trump doing what looks an awful lot like committing obstruction of justice is not close to #Obstruction.” Who is trying too hard here?