There’s A Google Chrome Extension That’ll Let You Replace Donald Trump With Kitten Pictures


Since Donald Trump surprisingly won the 2016 Presidential Election, the internet has become that scene from Being John Malkovich where his head is on every single person’s body. Everywhere you look, Trump’s visage is staring back at you. If this appeals to you, swell. If not, then there is apparently a solution that doesn’t involve living in a hole under your front porch for the next four years: it’s called Make Kittens Great Again and it’s a Google Chrome extension that replaces Donald Trump pictures on popular news sites (but not social media) with pictures of allegedly adorable kittens.

I am running it right now. Here’s a picture from an article on The Hill about the Obama administration and the Trump transition team hawvin whittle twoubles cause somebody is a gwumpy kitty!

Obviously, the headline feels a little off because the Obama administration kitten and the Trump transition kitten are clearly engaged in some kind of shared nap scenario, but it’s a real story and… you know what, I’m sorry. I can’t. This is ridiculous.

I know people will applaud the use of kittens to distract us from Donald Trump’s looming presidency but in reality, this is just another example of bias because, clearly, puppies would be way more effective for this task. I mean, really, was there no consideration for dog people? Is this whole thing rigged? Not everyone likes kittens with their little ears and their quiet purs. Puppies are what this country was built on and puppies are what we should use to obscure the face of the leader of the free world. Probably corgi puppies, if I have to be specific.

Via: Business Insider