Michael Moore And President Trump Are Feuding Over A Broadway Show On Twitter

After a Twitter-filled Saturday reiterating that he was doing everyone a favor by releasing the JFK files (which were already scheduled to be released anyway), President Donald Trump made a pit stop at acknowledging the opioid epidemic, then leaned into his Michael Moore feud by spreading a non-truth about the success documentarian’s Broadway show. At least he admitted that it wasn’t presidential.

As usual, it took little time for Trump’s latest claim to be debunked — Moore’s show, The Terms of My Surrender, wasn’t forced to close at all. It was a limited, 12-week engagement from the start, and Broadway website Playbill had specific details on its run:

Moore’s show began performances July 28 at the Belasco Theatre, where it opened officially August 10. It was reported in May—when the show was announced—that it would play a 12-week limited engagement.

While the show was not a box-office front-runner (grossing less than half of its potential most weeks and drawing in a capacity hovering in the mid 70 percentile), it did play its fully scheduled run.

So, as things play out in this year of our Lord, 2017, Michael Moore clapped back hard at the president with a long Twitter rant that was punctuated with a picture of him and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

What does being chummy with Jared Kushner really have to say about Michael Moore, though?

(Via The Hill)