Whatever Happened To Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat?

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Tours U.S. Border In Texas
Getty Image / Matthew Busch

Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan took off like a runaway train after he wore the phrase on his hat starting last summer. Have you noticed, though, that he no longer dons this headwear? And if so, does it make you wonder why?

The Washington Post noticed, and devoted an article to investigating why this may be true. Apparently Trump hasn’t worn his campaign hat since an event in November. That was two months ago, which might as well as be two years ago, when we’re talking about political campaigns.

So why has the Trump hat disappeared from Trump’s head? WaPo reporter Philip Bump says that it’s because “Make America Great Again” is ubiquitous. People immediately conjure it up when they think about Trump and his campaign now, as Bump’s analysis of Google searches show.

Since the hat debuted and Trump’s campaign became a juggernaut, awareness of the slogan stayed steady, as measured in Google searches. No one cared about searching for “make America great again” a year ago. Now people search for it all the time, often when seeking information about the hat itself. The hat and the slogan have their own life. Trump doesn’t need to wear it, any more than Nike needs to write “Nike” under their swoosh. The brand is known.

There you go, no more need for the hat to help us remember. And even if we did forget, we now have Sarah Palin’s great endorsement speech to help us remember.

(Via Washington Post)