Donald Trump Plays Dumb When Confronted About Retweeting White Supremacists

Donald Trump has a noticeable habit of retweeting a large amount of white supremacists, and now his retweets are coming home to roost. You would think Trump, or whoever is running his social media, wouldn’t retweet accounts called “@whitegenocideTM” but he did. Yes, the leading republican candidate for President of the United States is regularly retweeting white supremacist Twitter accounts.

Full disclosure: that’s a Twitter account you may not want to see on due to a disturbing amount of violence and NSFW memes, misinformation, and praise for Hitler, but many are only knowing about it thanks to Trump’s exposure. Scary stuff. And that account is has a lot in common with many others Trump retweets. In fact, according to’s data crunching:

114 of the last ~2,000 people to use the word #WhiteGenocide have the word “Trump” in their Twitter bios.


58% of the top 50 White Nationalist accounts on Twitter follow Donald Trump.

While Trump can’t help the people that follow him, of the 62% of the people Donald Trump retweeted the week of January 26th, 2016:

  • 28% of them follow at least one of the top 50 White Nationalist accounts on Twitter (6 of 21)
  • 62% of them follow at least 3 people who’ve used hashtag #WhiteGenocide lately (13 of 21)

And yet, when Jake Trapper asks Trump about his retweeting of these people on CNN’s State of the Union, Trump played dumb:

“Well, that, I know nothing about,” Trump replied with a grimace. “I don’t now about retweeting. You retweet somebody and they turn out to be white supremacists. I know nothing about these groups that are supporting me.”

To be fair, he may not have known about their pasts or beliefs, but shouldn’t a POTUS show due diligence in who he retweets to his five million followers?

(Via Raw Story)