Donald Trump Will Name His Running Mate On Friday

Donald Trump Campaigns in Cincinnati
Getty Image / John Sommers II

This week, we’ll see who Donald Trump has chosen as his running mate this election season.

Time reports that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort informed the press that the presumptive GOP nominee will reveal his would-be vice president on Friday at an event in New York City. Speculation about who the business mogul will choose has raged for months with a few candidates seeming like more likely possibilities than others. Indiana governor Mike Pence appears to be the favorite to nab the position and Wednesday morning’s visit at the governor’s residence may have boosted Pence’s stock. Newt Gingrich and alleged McDonalds fetcher Chris Christie have also their names pop up in running mate talk.

Whoever gets the nod to run alongside Trump, they will have a major battle ahead of them. A freshly released McClatchy-Marist poll has Hillary Clinton leads by three points in a national poll of registered voters. At the moment, Trump can boast that he’s leading Clinton in the swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. Clinton and Trump are tied in Ohio, another key state in this election. One piece of polling news that might worry Trump? He currently has zero percent of the black vote in Ohio or Pennsylvania. Seriously.

(via Time)