Donald Trump Is About To Team Up With America’s Worst Nightmare

Sarah Palin Meets With Donald Trump In New York During Her Bus Tour
Getty Image

Donald Trump has been pretty dull lately, which isn’t by his own design. He’s tried hard to keep the fires burning, but those continuous flames burnt American citizens right out. How could Trump resurrect media interest in his political antics? Well, he could choose a firebrand running mate, or at least, he could imply said running mate in advance. All along, folks have suspected that the ballad of Trump and Sarah Palin could come to a roaring crescendo in 2016. Let’s quickly recap the evidence of how this could happen.

Last July, Trump went on record to say he’d “love” to have Palin in his administration. This was shortly after Palin described Trump as her “hero.” Trump then said his people wished to grab onto Palin’s preexisting following. Plus, Palin throws massive ragers on occasion, so the Grand Old Party could gain a whole new meaning. Then in November, Palin promised to run for office again but only if “the door was opened” by God.

This rundown lands in Iowa, and on Monday, conservative talk show host Steve Deace played a role in ushering in the apocalypse. Deace tweeted that Palin will be “Trump’s special guest in Iowa” on Tuesday evening.

So, is this good news or bad news? The entertainment value will be A+. Plus, anyone who worries about Trump taking the White House can take comfort in how Palin did time on a losing ticket. Let’s see what happens on Tuesday night in Iowa. Trump could very well troll the election process for many months to come. You betcha!