This Woman’s Response To Trump’s ‘Taco Bowl’ Pic Is Just Perfect

If you were already out enjoying all the required margaritas for Cinco de Mayo this afternoon (you can admit it was in the afternoon, no one will spill the beans to your boss), you may have missed the latest astoundingly weird   twist in the presidential campaign of one Donald Trump. As the presumptive Republican nominee, Trump is now facing an uphill battle against his competition. So naturally one of the first things he does in the days following Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s suspension of their campaigns is post a photo of him eating a taco bowl in Trump Tower.

There are so many levels to the craziness of Trump’s tweet, the easiest being that he is eating his meal while using a photo of his ex-wife in a bikini as a placemat and that Trump tower may or may not even sell taco bowls (and if they do sell them apparently they taste terrible).

Mostly though, the best development to come out of this Tweet is an amazing comment left on the picture on Facebook that fact checks the Donald on every account. Courtesy of Buzzfeed News, the comment was left by a woman named Andrea Mucino and is pretty great all around.

Too bad a taco bowl isn’t mexican, the Trump Tower Grill isn’t either, you’re not eating taco bowls from New York because you’re in WV today, CInco De Mayo isn’t a hispanic holiday it’s a mexican one, and you are the same color as the taco bowl shell. But I digress!

Mucino’s comment is also an informative one for people who may not know that Cinco de Mayo is purely a Mexican holiday and is rooted in the celebration of a major military victory against the French. Besides that public service, her comment is also plain hilarious. So funny in fact that Lyin’ Don apparently felt it shouldn’t stay online even after more than 60,000 likes.

Mucino says that she did not delete the comment herself, so perhaps Trump has an intern policing his social media accounts. If Trump doesn’t start having a sense of humor about himself soon, this is going to be an incredibly long summer to get through. As if this isn’t already the biggest slog of an election season ever.

(via Buzzfeed News)