Donald Trump To Mar-A-Lago Guests: ‘You All Just Got A Lot Richer’

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Hot off signing sweeping tax reform that will add over $1 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, President Donald Trump took a break from the proverbial “swamp” in Washington to spend some time in his Mar-a-Lago resort, or has he’s dubbed it: the “Winter White House.” According to various reports from those in attendance, Trump said, “you all just got a lot richer,” to those dining around him in his ultra-exclusive Florida club.

Mar-a-Lago reportedly costs over $200,000 to join, with annual fees coming in over $14,000 a year. To put that in perspective, a 2013 report by the Huffington Post stated that and an individual who earns $15,000 per year makes more than 32 percent of Americans, with 15 percent of American families earning up to $20,000 per year. Under the new tax plan, they’ll save hundreds of dollars. Possibly. Now that the tax reform bill has removed the individual healthcare mandate, insurance companies have said that premiums will rise, thus negating most “savings” they get out of the overall tax cuts.

Everyone deserves a holiday break, but Trump has spent over 30 days at the “Winter White House,” with each visit estimated to cost anywhere from $1-3 million of federal taxpayer’s money while sucking the local governments of resources as well.

(Via CBS)