Dylann Roof Reportedly Said His Victims’ Families Should ‘Get Over It’ In Newly Released Video

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The chilling saga of convicted killer Dylann Roof has taken yet another turn this week, as federal officials are allowing video footage to be shown that was taken during Roof’s jailhouse visits with his family, after he was arrested and taken into custody for gunning down nine people at a Charleston, South Carolina church in June of 2015. The videos in question were ultimately the reason Roof decided to fire his lawyers and represent himself in court, as he was so adamant about protecting his privacy that he refused to allow them to present the footage as evidence.

Roof was eventually sentenced to death for his crimes.

Given everything we’ve come to learn about Roof, the contents of the videos sound disturbing, but not especially surprising.

Court records describe some of the videos. In one, Roof asks his sister if the baby she just had is transgender. In another, Roof says the shootings were a year ago and any family members still upset should get over it.

A judge is allowing viewings of the videos at the federal courthouse in Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday by request, however the footage will not be released on the Internet or distributed to the public in any way.

(Via WSPA 7 News, The Daily Mail)

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