Eric Trump: Those Who Oppose My Father Are ‘Not Even People’

On Tuesday night, Eric Trump visited with Sean Hannity following a Forbes report that the Trump Organization allegedly plundered donations from kids with cancer via Eric’s foundation. The report prompted the Washington Post‘s David Fahrenthold to tweet an emailed question (to Eric) that accused the middle Trump son of misleading him regarding charity events last year. Overall, the report managed to shock, which is remarkable, considering all of the other “bombshells” out there involving all things Trump.

As far as anyone is aware, Eric didn’t get back to Fahrenthold, but he vaguely addressed the donation-siphoning allegations and more with Hannity. He did so by lashing out at his father’s critics and the media while taking a general approach regarding attacks on his family:

“I’ve never seen hatred like this. To me, they’re not even people. It’s so, so sad. Morality’s just gone, morals have flown out the window and we deserve so much better than this as a country … You see the Democratic Party, they’re imploding. They became obstructionists because they have no message of their own. You see the head of the DNC, who is a total whack job. There’s no leadership there. They lost the election that they should have won because they spent seven times the amount of money that my father spent.”

Here, Eric took a cue from his father by insulting Democrats for losing the election. Presumably, he also addressed DNC Chairman Tom Perez, although he didn’t specify whether he might be talking about former Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Eric went on to slam Reza Aslan (who tossed an insult at Trump after he slammed London’s mayor) as a “CNN anchor,” although as some pointed out, Aslan is not an anchor. As far as the charity-oriented allegations go, Eric simply pointed out how many millions he raised for St. Jude. That’s to be commended, but it doesn’t address the accusations.

(Via Fox News)

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