What Does This Awful Woman Berating A Family Paying With Food Stamps At Walmart Say About America In 2016?

Between fervent Trump supporters and fervent Bernie supporters, the divisive rhetoric splitting America is more frothing than ever. This may be responsible for the above unfortunate scene captured at a Walmart recently. Uploaded by the YouTube account, What’d We Learn? 4 the People, a woman is seen berating a man paying for his groceries right in front of his young child sitting in the cart. It’s unclear what sparked the argument, but as the video starts rolling, the woman can be heard making a remark to the man about being raised a certain way makes you want to work harder, and things only get nastier from there.

When the man tries in vain to explain that he’s only trying to provide for his family, the woman shoots back, “You’re not providing for it, I am! The government is! They take it out of my check! Bullsh*t they don’t!” You have to hand it to the guy for the calm, reasoned response he gives back, telling the woman to contact her local senator and congressman if she doesn’t like it, and to vote Republican.

Ding ding ding! At the mere mention of the R-word — as if the man was insinuating a politically charged statement when in reality right-wing conservatives typically vote against social-welfare programs — the woman’s temper escalates. “Trust me, I am not a bleeding heart f*cking liberal,” she yells at the man in front of his child.

Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal; I think the one thing we can all take away from this video is that everyone needs to start being a little nicer to one another. Political beliefs aside, you never know what another person is going through and sometimes it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

(Via Reddit)