Students Are Walking Out Of Classrooms To Protest Florida Lawmakers’ Inaction On An Assault-Rifle Ban

In the days following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, survivors have been leading a new charge against American gun violence with calls for legislative action from their government. Florida politicians have responded by declining to consider a motion on an assault-weapons ban and, instead, declaring that pornography is a public health risk. In another act of protest, high school students are walking out of classrooms across Florida, with some even protesting at the state capitol building. However several were turned away from the state Senate president’s office. “Appointments only,” they were told. Students did make appointments with other lawmakers.

“I’m just trying to create a sense of empathy. Fortunately, they weren’t involved in a school shooting. But I was,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas sophomore Daniel Bishop told CNN. “I heard shots right outside my classroom. The gunman jiggled on my best friend’s door handle, and she could have died. And people I know died. My friends died.”

In the city of Weston, school officials and local law enforcement are marching in solidarity with the students, including those from at least one middle school. This NBC video shows the enormous crowd gathered in that city.

Also in solidarity, students from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland have walked out and are taking public transportation to the U.S. Capitol while also marching in the streets, as seen below.

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(Via CNN & NBC News)