Of Course ‘Fox And Friends’ Wasn’t Impressed By Hillary Clinton’s Grammys Cameo

In a move that was absolutely surprising to no one, the Fox and Friends co-hosts decided to tackle Hillary Clinton’s surprise cameo at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Like U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade were none too pleased with the Recording Academy’s decision to politicize an otherwise celebratory occasion that had absolutely nothing to do with contemporary politics.

From Haley to Donald Trump Jr., the co-hosts read a handful of negative responses to Clinton’s appearance from conservative personalities before launching into their own assessment of the matter. “I thought the same thing,” Earhardt said of the ambassador’s suggestion that “great music” shouldn’t be ruined “with trash.” “Every time there was something political, I just rolled my eyes. Everyone knows what Hollywood thinks. It’s a given. And you know, when you watch these awards shows, you do just want to see the music. You don’t want them to get into politics and they always do.”

The ever-brilliant Kilmeade, however, offered a take not unlike Don Jr.’s. “They’re complaining because Donald Trump won,” he said. “Basically it would have been more interesting if she had picked up a copy of Shattered and read that out loud. Or Clinton Cash. That would have been a little bit more compelling.” Earhardt nodded in agreement, despite the fact that Kilmeade’s suggestions were still political in nature. Then again, this is the same show that wondered aloud whether anyone would actually care about the report that Trump allegedly tried to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, so…