A ‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Wonders If The U.S. Will Take Down 9/11 Memorials Like Confederate Statues

While discussing today’s 9/11 tribute at the Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Fox News personality Brian Kileamde asked Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke a largely unrelated question. The Fox & Friends co-host wanted to know if Zinke’s attendance at the memorial’s 16th anniversary commemoration of the September 11th terrorist attacks had reminded him about another set of memorials overseen by his department’s National Park Service and smaller, like-minded organizations run by the southern states. “Do you worry 100 years from now someone’s going to try to take that memorial down?” he asked.

“Like they’re trying to remake our memorials today?” Kilmeade continued. The Fox News host was, of course, referring to the string of peaceably (and forcibly) removed Confederate-era statues and memorials throughout the southeastern and northeastern United States. Since competing racist and anti-racist protests in Charlottesville, Virgina turned violent in August, demonstrators and politicians alike have called for the removal of racially charged Confederate memorials. And according to Kilmeade’s question to Zinke, it seems the Fox & Friends co-host worries that the same will happen to the Flight 93 memorial.

Zinke didn’t outright answer the question, though he did use it to wade into the otherwise unrelated matter. “We should learn from history, and I think our monuments are part of our country’s history. We can learn from it,” he said. “Reflecting on our history, both good and bad, is both a powerful statement and part of our DNA.”

(Via Fox News)