George Zimmerman’s Gun Auction Receives The Most Fitting Conclusion

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On Wednesday night, George Zimmerman not-so-quietly announced that he would be auctioning the gun he used to fatally shoot Trayvon Martin in 2012. The former neighborhood watchman was cleared of second-degree murder charges after claiming self-defense, and he has since rubbed metaphorical salt in the wound. It wasn’t enough for Zimmerman to spend the past five years raging on Twitter and selling his Confederate flag art. He had to keep kicking Martin’s corpse with a hopeful gun sale. The auction news sent spectators over the edge with a fitting ending, but not before plenty of outrage flew in his direction.

First, here’s the latest cover of the New York Daily News, which reminds the world that Zimmerman is “a cancer to society”:

When Zimmerman announced this auction, he vowed to use the money to take down Florida state attorney Angela Corey and Hillary Clinton and to end violence against police. He also expressed the desire to close a chapter (while also hilariously claiming that the Smithsonian already asked to display the gun). Folks wondered why the media would feed this troll. Yet as the auction news blasted across radio stations on Thursday morning, CNN’s New Day welcomed Marc Lamont Hill, who believes it’s important to understand why Zimmerman won’t let this go:

“George Zimmerman does not want this to go away. He wants to see more anger, more rage, more pain, and we know that because when you look at his internet activity, when you look at his social media activity in particular, the statements he’s made over the years, he consistently pokes at the same national wound.”

Hill also compared Zimmerman to O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman yet didn’t break out “a line of steak knives” in the immediate aftermath. Granted, Simpson capitalized in other ways, but he let a good decade pass before releasing the If I Did It book. Yes, Zimmerman is officially worse than O.J. Simpson.

Well, it appears that the public fallout worked a swift effect., which prepared to host Zimmerman’s latest trollfest, took down the auction page. Here’s what interested bidders will see instead.

Oh snap.

UPDATE – 3:25pm EST: He’s still trying to sell this thing! United Gun Group is hosting a new auction (starting at $5000) with no bidders yet.