The GOP Lawmaker Who Founded Reddit’s ‘Red Pill’ Forum Faces Demands For His Resignation


For the last few years, The Red Pill, a misogynistic subreddit, has gained popularity despite being named after a plot point in The Matrix which, again, was written and directed by two trans sisters. What pick-up artist tips and men’s rights have to do with impressive stunt work and memorable action scenes is unknown, but as used on the site, the phrase “red pill” has morphed to include just about anything the alt-right and men’s rights activists disagree with. Still, it was something of a surprise that reporters tracked down who originally started the subreddit and found it was a Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire. Compounding the embarrassment of being outed for starting a lame subreddit, people are demanding that State Rep. Robert Fisher resign from his job, too.

After deleting the accounts referenced in the original Daily Beast story about his subreddit, Fisher issued a statement to the New Hampshire Union Leader saying he was misquoted in posts that offered tips to men on how to avoid false rape accusations before saying he was “glad [to be] in a position…that can help others who have suffered” from false rape accusations, even though false rape accusations only amount to a small number of sexual assault claims.

The leading Democrat in the New Hampshire House, Steve Shurtleff, isn’t having it and he’s calling for Fisher’s immediate resignation: “The posts linked to Representative Fisher, which include chilling comments in defense of rape, are beyond reprehensible and have absolutely no place in civilized discourse.”

The House Speaker, Fisher’s fellow Republican Shawn Jasper, said the statements were “troubling” but not illegal, but still said Fisher should resign for the good of the New Hampshire House.

Despite the public calls from the top Democrats and Republicans at his job, Fisher has remained steadfast, saying he’s going to continue supporting men’s rights from the statehouse.

The New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence also released a statement about Fisher and the original article, saying the Live Free or Die state is among the small number “in the nation that appropriates zero dollars to sexual assault prevention and intervention. When you have a state legislator actively promoting sexual violence against women and girls, the need for these services couldn’t be any more clear.”

(Via New Hampshire Union Leader)