Sean Hannity’s Defense Of Trump Is Now Beyond Parody: ‘King David Had 500 Concubines For Crying Out Loud’

In the wake of the just plain gross audio that leaked today of Donald Trump essentially bragging to Billy Bush how being a celebrity gives him license to sexually assault women, many wondered, naturally, how prominent Trump supporters would react. Paul Ryan disinvited Trump from appearing at a campaign rally the two were scheduled to appear at on Saturday. Some prominent Republicans withdrew their endorsements of Trump and are calling for him to step down as the GOP nominee.

But what would noted Trump bootlicker Sean Hannity do? Certainly someone who enjoys riding moral high horses regularly on America’s airwaves wouldn’t stand for such revolting things coming from the mouth of a candidate for president, would he? Can you imagine the unrelenting hellfires that’d be unleashed on Fox News if Obama were caught on tape saying such things?

Well, if you guessed that Hannity — whose prime time show on America’s highest rated cable news network has basically morphed into a nightly one hour pro-Trump infomercial — would further show his ass by coming up with a defense of Trump so ridiculous that it doesn’t even seem real, well, you were right! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

As you’ll see in the video embedded above, Hannity brushed off Trump’s insatiable desire to “f*ck” married women like Nancy O’Dell (while he was married to Melania, no less, who’d just recently given birth) and “grab them by the p*ssy” by noting that powerful men throughout history have long exhibited voracious sexual appetites. Or something. Like, what’s the big deal, people?

Now, Hannity’s defense might not be as ridiculous as this one below, but it’s pretty damn close.

Actually, one second thought, Hannity’s assorted defenses of Trump are the most ridiculous. Congrats to you, Sean!

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