Hillary Clinton Casts Her Vote In New York, Citing How ‘Incredibly Happy’ She Feels On Election Day

On Election Day, Hillary Clinton arrived in her hometown of Chappaqua, New York where she cast her ballot with husband Bill in tow. She was greeted by an enormous crowd of supporters (as would be the case for Donald Trump too), and glimpsing a major-party nominee certainly made the line-waiting experience unique for voters. Whether one supports Hillary or not, this moment was history in the making, and after all of the resounding negativity flowing from both sides of this campaign, an outcome is on the way. Perhaps the nation will come together after tonight, one can only hope.

Hillary greeted her supporters with enthusiasm to have reached this day. She gushed, “I’m so happy, I’m just incredibly happy.” She described, “The most humbling feeling” to vote for herself in a presidential election. Whereas Bill said he was prepared to become the premier First Gentleman (First Husband? First Bubba?) and noted he’s “had 15 years of practice” to prepare for the role.

Of course Clinton is relieved that this day has finally arrived after withstanding a career full of scrutiny as attorney, First Lady, senator, and secretary of state. She’s not sitting in the most comfortable position with a 3.2 point lead in averaged polls, but the electoral map could fall in her favor. Here’s a video of the Clintons’ arrival at their polling place.

(Via CNN, Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera & Fox News)

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