Hillary Clinton Directly Asks For America’s Vote In Her Final Ad Of The Election Season

On this day before the election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign released her final ad, and boy, it could not be more different than Donald Trump’s vaguely anti-Semitic effort. In contrast, Clinton never mentions Trump’s name or shows a photo of him. In fact, she barely acknowledges his existence other than eschewing the “dark and divisive” in favor of the “hopeful and inclusive” aspects of America.

Clinton acknowledges this long election season and poses a request to viewers: “Tonight I’m asking for your vote. And tomorrow, let’s make history together.” She adds, “I want to be a president for all Americans. Not just those who support me in this election. For everyone. Because we all have a role to play in building a stronger, fairer America.” And she promises to “work my heart out” to build a future for countless generations. The message is one of positivity, a departure from the negativity that we’ve seen from both campaigns this year. (FYI: The Trump campaign also characterized its final ad as a “positive closing message.” These two candidates see a lot of things differently, including the definition of the word “positive,” apparently.)

Clinton’s two-minute ad will run on Monday night on multiple networks, including NBC and CBS, and is expected to reach an estimated 20 million people.

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