Two Benghazi Victims’ Parents Sue Hillary Clinton For Wrongful Death And Defamation

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In June, the House Committee on Benghazi issued its final report, which pointed fingers at the Defense Department and the Obama administration for failing to provide proper security protocols for the U.S. Consulate in Libya. However, this conclusion did not convince Pat Smith (mother of Sean Smith), who has continued to call out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since the 2012 attack that killed four Americans. Smith has remained vocal — both on cable news and during a Republican convention speech — by calling for the Democratic nominee to be jailed.

Smith believes that Clinton lied about her son’s death. She’s also likely not pleased at how Clinton called her forgetful, and now Smith has taken legal action alongside another Benghazi parent, Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods), in a wrongful death suit against Clinton. The Boston Herald has the details:

Parents of two Benghazi victims have sued Hillary Clinton, arguing that she caused the death of their sons and later defamed them in statements made to the media, according to court documents.

“During her campaign for President, Defendant Clinton has negligently, recklessly, and/or maliciously defamed Plaintiffs by either directly calling them liars, or by strongly implying that they are liars, in order to protect and enhance her public image and intimidate and emotionally harm and silence them not to speak up about the Benghazi attack on at least four separate occasions,” Larry Klayman, an attorney for the families, wrote in his complaint.

The lawsuit also makes explicit mention of Clinton’s private email server that she used while she was secretary of state. The server’s existence has clouded Clinton’s presidential campaign on matters of trustworthiness, while the Benghazi parents’ lawsuit goes further by suggesting that the server “could have contributed to the deaths.” This suggestion is based upon how Clinton communicated with Ambassador Christopher Stevens through the private server, which could have been hacked by hostile parties, including terrorist groups. The plaintiffs further claim that “it was reasonably foreseeable that Islamic terrorists would premeditatedly kill” their children.

The civil suit brought by Smith and Woods also includes other claims for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

(Via Boston Herald & LawNewz)