Hillary Clinton’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Episode Was Watched By 30 Million People In 24 Hours

BREAKING: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton brought her campaign to Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis and hoo boy the fi— What’s that? You’ve already heard/watched/shared the episode? Well, that would explain some data that’s just been revealed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hillary’s (largely improvised) chat with Zach has been every ounce the traffic-snaring smash you’d imagine it to be and more. This particular edition of America’s favorite fern-friendly web series managed to rack up more than 30 million times in its first 24 hours, setting a new single day record for Funny or Die. The social numbers are pretty darn glowing as well with 500,000 Facebook shares and 25,000 retweets in the same timespan and you may have gotten a confused text from your mom about it, which is an underrated performance metric for these things.

“There are a million different things that are in your face all the time,” shared Funny or Die CEO Mike Farah. “Without fail, every time that Ferns comes out, it becomes the thing that everyone is talking about. That’s very rare, so when it happens it should be celebrated.”

Farah’s not wrong. Between Two Ferns has become must-see not-TV courtesy of the premise, the host, its general scarcity and a guest list that sees folks like Barack Obama and Brad Pitt take a seat on that luxurious set. As for if Donald Trump would ever guest on the program in the flesh, the forecast looks doubtful.

“That’s Zach and Scott (Aukerman)’s call,” said Farah. “I don’t know if Trump has the temperament to take that abuse. But if he reached out, I guess there would be a potential conversation. It really does come down to Zach and Scott and if they feel like they can make it funny.”

For now, Johnny Depp as The Donald will have to do for your Trump on Funny or Die fix.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)