Hillary Clinton Secretly Speculates As To Why Chris Christie Endorsed Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Brings Her Presidential Campaign Back To Iowa
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Hillary Clinton has already taken on Donald Trump in a victory speech after the Super Tuesday primaries. Now she’s been hilariously caught on a hot mic wondering why exactly Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Post, Clinton was taping an MSNBC town hall on Monday, and during a commercial break, she and host Chris Matthews chatted candidly about the state of the political landscape. Unbeknownst to them, they were heard on microphones that were still on. The recording is below.

Clinton can be heard asking, presumably of Christie, “Why did he support him?” The “him” is most likely referring to Donald Trump. She then asks, “Did he have a debt or something?” Meanwhile, Matthews speculates that Christie wants “a future” in politics but that he has nowhere to go in New Jersey, such as the Senate, because Cory Booker and Bob Menendez aren’t going anywhere, and he wouldn’t win as a Republican candidate in that state.

Clinton also says at the beginning of the recording, “Man, you guys can’t stop covering him. I mean, he is a dangerous presence. And you know, it’s just like candy by the bushel.” One can surmise that she was talking about Trump.

A reporter from Buzzfeed News was watching the town hall from a press room, and apparently heard everything. She also said Clinton and Matthews were talking about Chris Christie and Donald Trump in those money quotes. They also touched on Ben Carson and Downton Abbey.

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(via Washington Post and Buzzfeed News)